Roots, Roots and More Roots

I laughed when I read that the April 26 Daily Post prompt was Roots. My life is filled with roots. I even dream about roots.

Our local GreenFriends group has taken on the responsibility of restoring four lots in Seattle’s Greenbelt. That land has been overrun by blackberries and ivy for decades. Part of our job in phase one of the project is to remove the blackberry vines and their root-balls.

The City of Seattle Parks Department staff cut down most of the blackberry vines in March. There are now thousands of canes sticking up from the ground. They lead us to the root-balls.

Raking up the debris makes it easier for us to see the canes and to dig out the root-balls.

Once we dig them out we put them on racks so they can dry out.

I suspect that blackberry root-balls will be in my life for years-to-come.

To read more about this project go to Greenbelt Restoration Project Update

8 thoughts on “Roots, Roots and More Roots

  1. Ahhh yes BLACKBERRIES! One of my life’s biggest ironies! I’m sure I’ve told you this but for years the nasty things threatened to take over my yard, garden and finally my HOUSE! Those implacable vines grew up the side of my house, down through my chimney and into my LIVING ROOM!! I hated them and was actually more than a little afraid of them. And now, especially at this time of year, I am in desperate search of mature blackberry vines so I can feed my bugs!

    What a project you have taken on!!

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    1. There are still plenty of mature vines here that you can get if you need more. And they are VERY healthy ones.

      I can’t imagine them coming down the chimney….. or maybe I can….. I’m sure glad I haven’t had that experience.


  2. I never realized blackberries were so wild and grew like that! Interestingly, I cooked root vegetables yesterday in the slow cooker for Sunday dinner when Olivier and Maria came over.

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      1. The birds are ecstatic about how many worms are available to them now. During our work party last week we saw a 12 inch worm; and last week saw and 8 inch one. They like this property too!

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