Were They Once Beloved Toys?

Yesterday, when I found these toys in the rubble of the house foundation that was recently unearthed in the Greenbelt, I got teary. Who were the children who had lost these toys? Had they cried when they realized they were missing? Were they once beloved toys?

Then I became puzzled. When I moved into this neighborhood in 1973, I had been told that there once had been a house in the lot behind mine; one that had burned in the 50’s. Even though this foundation is not directly behind my house, I have assumed it is the house that I was once told about. These toys had not burned, so had the house not burned either? If not, what had destroyed it?

The foundation has probably been covered by blackberry vines since sometime in the 60’s. Did the toys show up on the lot after that time? Had they been thrown over the embankment by inhabitants of the home above it? No one on this neighborhood even knew the house existed, so I will probably never know the answers to these questions.

I brought the stuffed animals and doll into my house and cleaned them to the best of my ability. The transformation was remarkable!

Tomorrow, we will be holding another work party in the Greenbelt. Twenty students from an Environmental Science class at the University of Washington have signed up to participate. I wonder what we will find as we continue our endeavor to return this piece of land to the beautiful forest it once was.



47 thoughts on “Were They Once Beloved Toys?

    1. I agree with you. Also, I realized later that my tears were also because I was remembering what it felt like when my parents would throw or give away some of my belongings when we moved. I grew up as an “army brat.” My specific memory of that was when my book collection, one that I hoped to give to my daughter some day, didn’t show up in Germany when we moved there.

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      1. That’s tough. It’s so hard to be lose treasured posessions when it’s not your choice. Passing them on isn’t always appreciated by the next generation though – I’ve shared some of my childhood favourite books with my own daughters, and had them harshly rejected as ‘too old fashioned/ boring’ etc πŸ˜•

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  1. If those toys have been discarded since the 60’s, it really makes you think of how much we’ll never get rid of the “disposable” garbage and non garbage that we are filling the planet up with…

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    1. That’s very true. I was amazed how clean the stuffing was. These substances we are making now never deteriorates. Much of the plastic is as it was 50 years ago.


  2. Karuna, thank you for your heart and your stories. These ” lovies” have stories too. This was a lovely way to start my day. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ‘ Joan 🐰

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  3. No YOU are remarkable! I know you don’t want any credit for the things you do which just adds to your remarkability! (Hey, that’s actually a word!)

    Sure wish I could come and help. And by the way, these three toys deserve to have a story written about them. Great idea for one of those Word Press Challenges, eh?

    Is that MY Joan commenting right above??

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    1. I don’t know which Joan is “yours” but she very well could be!

      I like the idea of having a story written about them. Consider doing it yourself and posting it! Feel free to use the photos.

      I have another blogging friend who writes poetry. Maybe I will say the same thing to her. It would be fun to have a story and a poem.

      I hope when you feel better you will be able to come look at it. And maybe you can help plant some of the shrubs and ground covers in the fall!


    1. I hesitate to do that since I don’t know what organisms are living in them. I think with the washing there is nothing big but I don’t know about really tiny things..


  4. An amazing transformation. It’s sad to see discarded things, but especially hard when it’s a child’s toy. I too wonder, were they beloved, were they missed?
    I’m so amazed by what you guys are doing. Good work.

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  5. I felt so sad looking at those lost toys!!! Made me think of the Veleveteen Rabbit (one of my fav books). If it’s okay with you, I’m going to share your post to the person in charge of MindLoveMiserysMenagerie…they have prompts every day on different topics including one on collage and one is photo challenge. Definitely deserves many stories!!

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    1. Very true. Cheryl sent my post to a blogger named Rochelle who posts a photo each week. Then people who participate in her prompt write a fictional story about the photo(s) in 100 words. I really hope Rochelle uses it!


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