No Forest Restoration vs Forest Restoration

These timelines profoundly affected me when I saw them at the Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward training that Ananya and I attended last March.


I choose to do whatever I can do to make the second timeline the reality.

5 thoughts on “No Forest Restoration vs Forest Restoration

    1. It is so rewarding to experience the increase of birds in that area and in our neighborhood. They have a lot more more worm finding opportunities now that the blackberries are gone. There will be even more when we start planting berry producing shrubs and ground covers. The city will give us 400 native trees, shrubs and ground covers to plant each year!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. And I appreciate the concept of ‘continued stewardship’ I think our culture has a kind of time blindness, which focuses on what *I* need/want now and acknowledges neither the ancestors of the past and future descendants, both of which have a place in the present. The ancestors we are beholden to and the descendants we are responsible to.

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