A Welcome Sight

On Monday evening, one of my teeth broke off at the gum level. The tooth was one that had a root canal, so I thankfully experienced no pain. One of my least favorite things to do, though, is to go to the dentist. I like my dentist, but that is beside the point. I don’t like to get dental work.

As I walked towards his office on Wednesday, feeling my normal dread, this rhododendron bush caught my eye. It is amazing how seeing beauty can shift my mood from dread to awe in an instant.


8 thoughts on “A Welcome Sight

  1. Long ago, when I was in law school there, I loved going to Volunteer Park in the spring to see the wall of rhododendrons — haven’t been back in so many years I’ve no idea if it’s even still there. These lovely photos bring it vividly back to mind. Thanks.

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  2. lovely post for Rhody weekend !!my father was a “bad, scary dentist”    i know what you mean…. !!see you in a few days.Jai MaSri Lalitha

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