Mystery in the Making

On Thursday, when I was showing a friend the restoration work we are doing in the Greenbelt, she asked me about the red she was seeing through the trees. It was deep into an uncleared and presently unreachable part of the project and I had never seen it before. We walked as close to it as we could get, but still couldn’t identify it. Our guess was that it is a rhododendron bush. If so, it is a first on that property.

The next day, I walked back to that area to see if I could get closer. I could still barely see the blossoms. In taking an enlarged view, this is what I saw.

I walked a different direction to see if I could get a better view. From that vantage point, I could spot a bit of red, but it was very tiny. See if you can see it.

So much of the property has already been cleared of blackberry and ivy vines and other invasive plants. I am enjoying the thought of making new discoveries when we begin working on the remaining areas of “uncharted territory”!

5 thoughts on “Mystery in the Making

  1. Karuna , what a great adventure and you are an example to me as I manage our ” natural” hillside here in Sammamish. We’ve been in our home 44 years and the blackberries are a constant challenge. 3 years ago we hired goats and they were terrific in eating them to the ground. I believe that it’s time for them to visit again this year. I know this isn’t by the roots but it’s a hill side and too dangerous for these two 70 year olds. At least we keep the berries under control is my thought. Blessings to you!❤️🐰 Joan

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    1. I’ve wondered why the city doesn’t use goats but I imagine they would also eat, and/or trample, the tender saplings and other plants once they’ve been planted. I hope digging out the rootballs works. I understand some will still come back since we don’t get all the roots, but over time they will be drastically diminished. I’m glad you understand the scope of what we are doing. Come look sometime!


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