In the Tradition of “The Blob”

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Potter


The ivy was relentless. Keeping it from destroying everything in its path felt like a never-ending battle. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I saw that it had invaded the shed. For years, I had left a window cracked to keep the contents inside the shed from being covered with mildew. Instead of mildew, I was now faced with a scene reminiscent of the 1988 movie, The Blob. I picked up my clippers and like a warrior began to cut. I was determined to win the battle and emerge the victor… in The Invasion of the Ivy.


Word Count: 100

Written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle. Read the other entries here.

15 thoughts on “In the Tradition of “The Blob”

  1. It’s amazing how the mind sees things and the imagination takes one to different places. Love the reference to these movies!! At first when I saw the photo (I had not had a chance to check Friday Fictionneers yet), I thought it was your garden shed and I was saying to myself, “Gee, so that is what it looks like inside…hmmm. I wonder where Karuna slept.” Great take on the prompt, Karuna and your first flash fiction!

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    1. It was the open window that made me think of the tree house turned shed. Someone had told me to leave a window open a little so I have always done that. In its 30 years no animal or plant has gotten in.


    1. I enjoyed writing it and plan to continue. I haven’t written stories before except for one or two in the WP Writing 101 course so I will be on a learning cure.

      I published a photo yesterday that two people suggested I use to create a story. If you ever want to use it in the future feel free to do so. (I believe it is too similar to my last photo to use any time in the near future but agree that it could inspire some interesting stories.)


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