The Before in “Before and After”

My neighbor Christine gave me these photographs a day or two ago. She took them in March after Seattle Parks Department staff cut down most of the blackberry vines on the Greenbelt lots we are restoring. I look forward to using it as a “Before” photo in November after we’ve cleared the land and planted new trees, shrubs and ground covers. And I also look forward to comparing them with the photos we will take every spring, summer, fall and winter from now on.

This one will also become a good “Before” shot.

4 thoughts on “The Before in “Before and After”

    1. We’ve seen four different butterflies, one of them four different times. Ananya also had a mole stick his head out of the hole and look at her and yesterday I saw a rabbit. And there are so many birds. This is when practically everything is barren land. Beginning to imagine what it will be like when there are flowering plants and berries.

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      1. Turning it back to what it should be, that is a lovely thought! Ever since the city here cleaned up the thicket behind our building, I no longer see butterflies or bees…it is not fun walking there anymore…so sterile.

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