The Eagles (for once, NOT the rock band)

Today, the 4th of July holiday, seems like the perfect day to reblog Kathie’s ChosenPerspectives post about her bald eagle visitors. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. What an incredible life experience.


I have delayed, avoided, and postponed writing this because I wanted to find the words to convey my recent profound experience.

For more than a month, we have had Bald Eagles visiting on our quiet little dead-end street, unusual in the middle of one of the largest, fastest growing cities in Washington state.

I’ve lived in my home for almost 44 years and have sometimes seen eagles circling high above.  Twice, I was even gifted with a low fly-by right in my driveway! But I have only seen them land once before. (I wrote a whole story about that dramatic event but I’ll save it for a later post!)

A few weeks ago on my daily walk I just happened to spot, well actually hear some sky activity. A couple of Bald Eagles, apparently cruising our neighborhood for prey or a nesting site (although it seems late in the year for that…

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4 thoughts on “The Eagles (for once, NOT the rock band)

  1. What an abundance of encounters with a part of nature we don’t always see! I really enjoyed the photographs of the eagles even the grab & go shots.

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