My Echinacea Plant is Thriving

Last summer, I purchased my first echinacea plants. I’ve particularly enjoyed watching this one grow. It gets more sun than the other two and the difference is remarkable. One attribute that I find fascinating is that it has blossoms in so many stages of development at the same time. I am also enjoying the fact that the plant has at least four times the number of flowers-in-the-making than it did last year.

None of these flowers are fully developed yet. I look forward to showing you what it becomes. I also am anticipating looking at the flowers under the microscope. The shots I took last year were spectacular.

7 thoughts on “My Echinacea Plant is Thriving

  1. great – you have the yellow and red ones… most of the wild variety here is purplish and they literally grow like weeds and will simply take over whole areas if allowed… J/Aditi


    1. I have two small echinacea plants- one is yellow and one is reddish-purple. All of the photos in this post are from a different plant; one that has orange flowers. The orange isn’t visible in the earliest stages of development. It is the plant I used to take the microscopic photos last year. So far there are no flowers on the smaller plants.


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