Out of Commission

I won’t be writing posts for a while. On Thursday, I wasn’t careful enough and stepped into a place where my feet got tangled in downed branches and vines in the Greenbelt.  I fell hard and broke my right wrist. I’m doing well, considering, but writing posts with my non-dominant hand seems unrealistic. Since I’m writing this, however, maybe I will be back sooner than I think!

33 thoughts on “Out of Commission

  1. Well I can’t in good conscience press like on this post. I’m glad that you’re feeling good enough to let us all know how you’re doing at least. Now you really have to lay up for a couple month with your wrist and you ribs. Get better. Sorry you seem to be going through a painful time right now.

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    1. Oh Karuna, ooowww! Thanks for letting us know and take plenty of time to heal completely….praying for your full recovery. Loving you, Nirmala

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  2. Maha ouch… and on top of your ribs being injured! I ditto what Sreejit said about not clicking ‘like’. I get that typing with your non-dominant hand is challenging and also hear about the possibility about writing short posts that you are getting from Sreejit’s series, which I find very inspiring. Wishing you ease and a speedy recovery.

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  3. Oh dear, do take care of yourself, Karuna. I sometimes dictate my posts if they are not too long here and there from my Iphone or Ipad. So let the wrist heal and you can always try that until you are fully healed. My trip to Toronto ending with Devi Bhava is just post on Dear Emma:)

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