Amritapuri Sunsets

My friend Prarthana sent me stunning photos of the sunsets she took here the last two nights. I asked for, and received, permission to share them with you. Enjoy!

August 30

August 31

When I got off the elevator on my floor tonight, I was blessed with the sight of a gorgeous sunset. I took a photo so I could add it to this series. The picture looks essentially the same as what I saw with my eyes. Generally, the colors on my sunrise and sunset photos are muted. I’m so happy with this one.

September 1


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5 thoughts on “Amritapuri Sunsets

  1. Wow!!! how can anyone ever doubt there is a God with a sky like that!!! thank you for sharing your side of the world. we were in sync…yesterday morning I was thinking of your beautiful sunrises, remembering photos you shared last year. I thought to myself, how often I stare at the sun dipping below the horizon and wonder just when it will be rising on the other side of the world. And then you told me about your sunset photos…wow!!! chills down my spine.

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