Amritapuri Sunrise

This morning I decided it was high time for me to watch the sunrise. And what an experience it was.


I can’t believe that it took me three weeks to open the curtains of my room first thing in the morning so that I could see the beauty of the sunrise. What a metaphor that is for life. We miss so much because of the blinders we wear.

Quite a few of the photos I took towards the end of this series had a blue orb in it. I’m thinking the camera may have been reacting to the blinding light of the sun, although that is only a guess.


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17 thoughts on “Amritapuri Sunrise

  1. Breathtaking, Karuna…like a symphony building cadence every moment…wow!! Thank you for sharing these today…well, I am still living in September 2nd [smiles]. A wonderful prompt for Sreejit about “blinder”…

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      1. I really would. I should bring my sleeping bag to sleep at my mom’s house ( it is totally empty now) the sun rises just on the river….have not seen that since I was a teen. I’m renting a car this weekend, might do that:)

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      2. When I started reading this I thought you were going to say you should bring your sleeping bag and sleep on the beach here. My eyes got big and I was going to tell you that was not a good idea!

        I am glad that your mom’s house is totally empty. You are getting closer to it being sold.

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    1. I’ve seen orbs before that were spiritual but they looked different these. I couldn’t see the other ones until I saw the photograph. This time I could see the blue on the screen and it moved whenever I moved the phone. Was very strange.

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