Greenbelt Restoration Work Party: October 1, 2017

On October 1, we held our first forest restoration work party since the end of July. Participants included five members of our GreenFriends group, twelve students from the Introduction to Environmental Science class at the University of Washington, a neighbor, a high school student, a Green Seattle Partnership Forest Steward and two other Seattle residents.

In less than three hours, we …

removed blackberry, bindweed and ivy vines and dug out blackberry root balls from 2050 sq ft of property that had previously been cleared…

cleared 750 sq ft of land for the first time…

erected a two foot high “wall” made from broken concrete pieces that were laying near an old house foundation …. as you can see from the photo below, the space between the “wall” and the  foundation will be used to store some of the trees, shrubs and ground covers that we will be planting in the coming months…

and dug out the blackberry root balls that were growing amidst the concrete rubble. (The last photos show some before and after photos of that area.)

As always, we accomplished more than I thought possible. I am eagerly awaiting our next work party, which will be held on October 14!

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