The Red Rose

This morning, I worked in the Greenbelt for a short time. At one point, I was standing about fifteen feet from the Hanford stairs, which are on the north end of the property. As I glanced towards the stairs, I saw a homeless man whom I haven’t talked to for a year or two. I believe he lives with a few friends in a different part of the Greenbelt, about six blocks from where I was standing.

I used to do a lot of litter pick up in this area and I had talked with him numerous times when he and his friends were hanging out on the stairs. They used to point out places where I could find cans to pick up and sometimes they even saved some for me.

Today, we saw and acknowledged each other at the same time. He started to talk to me but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. He gestured to the planting areas and I told him that we were working to make the land a forest again.

After I answered his question, he handed me a red rose. I was so surprised and had no idea where it came from. It was as if the rose materialized out of thin air. Without a word, he continued walking up  the stairs. What a beautiful way it was to start my day.

7 thoughts on “The Red Rose

  1. Beautiful.

    I have a small pile of things we have collected using our Harbor Freight coupons…thick moving blankets, tarps, and various flashlights. Maybe this man and his friends can use them or even share them? I know you are about to take off but do you have any time before you go to take me to the area? I have not known where best to deliver these things.

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    1. Thanks for your generosity Kathie. As you may know, Seattle is working hard to stop the illegal encampments that have ended up being overtaken by drugs and crime and move people to transitional housing where they are provided with many services. I don’t know where he is staying now, unless he is in the same place he was several years ago, but I think it is better to not look for him.

      What I suggest is that you give your things to one of the tent cities sponsored by Greater Seattle Cares. I looked up the current locations and found them here I notice there is one in Issaquah so that would be quite close to you!

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