One Gift Turned into Three

A friend just sent me a link to this video. I loved it.

I decided to listen to another one of his other songs. I loved that one too.

Then this video caught my eye. It wasn’t by Keb’Mo’ but I also loved it!

Thanks Vani… for being the person who led me to this string of gifts.

5 thoughts on “One Gift Turned into Three

  1. I LOVE this. I have been a Keb Mo fan since he started out and always knew he had this in him! Thanks for the reminder. All three songs are great but Put a Woman in Charge should be our new anthem!! (I just hope we remember, the road is really tough for those FIRST, ground breaking leaders…like President Obama. We’ll have to stay on top of that!!)

    OK, I’m going to try re-blogging this now, the way you showed me.
    Thanks again, and to whoever sent it also!! There is a whole HUGE category of people for whom MUSIC speaks way louder and more clearly than any amount of political discussion and rhetoric!


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