An Added Bonus

I spend so much time working in the Greenbelt that I often don’t notice what is going on in my own yard.

Two days ago, I realized my camellia shrub had started blooming, and the flowers were beautiful.

When I knelt down to take a photo of a bloom towards the bottom of the bush…

… I saw that there was something partially buried in the ground. I pulled it out.

Where did the shoe come from and when? It certainly didn’t come from my house. I looked around and noticed that the bottom part of my neighbor’s rotten garage was in front of me.

An animal must have pulled the shoe from there at some point. Finding something so unusual in my yard felt like an added bonus. I now had a mini adventure to report on, in addition to sharing the beautiful flowers.


3 thoughts on “An Added Bonus

  1. thanks for the gorgeous flower photoswe’re seriously behind with spring here – still cold, rainy and parts of the state got snow again todaytrees and shrubs are damaged, broken from the severe ice, long term freezing temps and damaging winds – a really rough winterseeing that spring is happening elsewhere gives hopeAditi

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    1. I’ve been so focused on getting the Greenbelt cleaned up from Winter that I didn’t even notice that the tree in front of my house had bloomed. When I looked at it today I saw that it is completely leafed. I usually pay a lot of attention to the beautiful blooms.


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