I’m Not a Cook!

I’m not a cook, so this stay at home order is a real challenge. And when I do cook, I create a big mess. I made some zucchini-banana bread last week and it turned out well. (The two cupcakes are missing because I ate them while they were still hot!)

This is what my kitchen looked like when I finished making the bread! 😒 ❤️😧

11 thoughts on “I’m Not a Cook!

  1. Your messy kitchen photo is hysterical! I can’t stand cooking so much either! In fact I often just pick at what’s in the refrigerator and I’ve been eating more chocolate than I have in ages. Why even bother baking when I can just eat the chocolate chips right out of the bag?!!!! 🤪

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    1. I do that too… i.e. buy chocolate chips to make something and then eat them out of the bag before I get to the baking. In fact, I may have planned to put chocolate chips in this zucchini bread back when I started thinking of making it.


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