An Encounter with a Thief- The Real Story

I have written four posts about the monkey who is presently visiting Amritapuri. Early in his visit, he stole eggs from the western cafe. Since then, he has tried many times to steal more eggs. He obviously considers them to be a delicacy.

He hangs around the cafe even when eating food he has found in the vicinity.

My son believes the monkeys around the ashram are more bark than bite. If they show you their teeth, you should show them yours. If they growl at you, you should growl back. If you combine these actions with a stick, the monkeys will probably run away.

On this particular day, it was obvious that the monkey was determined to get in the cafe. It watched Satvamrita closely. He began to carry a broom so he could shoo the monkey away whenever it came near the door.

Watching Satvamrita. Looking for opportunity to steal eggs.
Watching from stairs. Getting tired of this.

When it became convinced its efforts were futile, it started to yawn. Soon after that, it wandered off. Time to look for an easier place to get dinner.

Getting tired of this. Big yawn.
Tired and bored. Even bigger yawn.

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