FOTD: September 4, 2019

I realize I have several flowers that I refer to as my favorite flower. When I reflected on that fact today, it occurred to me that my favorite flower changes with the season. In the spring, my favorite flowers are the blooms on my magnolia tree; in summer, I am intrigued by the echinacea flowers; and at this time of the year, my favorite flowers are the ones on my aster shrub. I think I have taken more beautiful shots of those flowers than any other.

This is the photo I just took.

I love it.

Flower of the day

The Glory of Nature

Of all the flowers in my garden, the ones I love the most are the purple asters.  When I arrived home yesterday, I noticed that that plant was brimming with small bees.  I pulled out my camera and started snapping photos.  I was amazed when I looked at them later.  Such incredible beauty.