An Afternoon Surprise

When I walked out of my house onto the back deck yesterday, this sight caught my eye:

I couldn’t believe it. When were these built? The nest on the right was biggest and they descended in size for seven rafters.

I’ve had bird nests in the rafters before, but only one at a time. And why did the bird not finish any of them? I looked on the other side of the beam and saw this:

The wasp nest was very small, but it is more than likely the answer to my question. I wouldn’t want to raise babies there!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio 2

I looked up yesterday and was very surprised by what I saw.  Now that the leaves in the big tree that grows next to my house are gone, I can see that it holds a huge bird’s nest.  I wonder what kind of bird made it.

I decided to show three views of the nest as a second Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio!