1966: The Beginning of a Grand Adventure

As some of you know from A Surprise View of My Past, I was recently gifted with digital copies of slides my father had taken during my childhood. Since I left home when I was 17 years old, I had never seen most of those photos before.  The only childhood pictures I have are all  in black and white, whereas the slides my brother sent me were all in color. Since I have very few memories of my childhood, I viewed them with great interest.

When I read today’s The Daily Post Writing Challenge: Snapshot Stories the three pictures of me leaving home for college came to mind.

I had been unhappy at home for as long as I could remember. For three years, I marked off the days on a calendar; each day a day closer to the time I would leave to go to college.

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An Early Morning Walk

I decided to do something different today.  I would take a walk, let my feet go where they wanted to go, but carry my Android in my hand.  I would take a picture whenever I felt led to do so.  In my mind was a song I wrote many years ago, but this time the words were “Good morning to you, good morning to you, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning to you.”  I sang that song throughout my half hour, six-block walk.  Here are the results of my experiment! (You can click one of the pictures to make it bigger or turn it into a slideshow.)

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Struggles with Conflict – Part 2

On April 17, 2014, I wrote a post called Struggles with Conflict. That turned out to be the second most popular post I’ve written.   After reflecting some more about the topic, I decided to share some techniques you might find helpful when you are faced with conflict.

When someone is very angry with you, if you start defending or explaining, you may make the situation worse by giving the person more ammunition to use against you. While the problem may need to be discussed in depth, a positive outcome is not likely when one or both parties are escalated. In those cases, consider using one of the techniques I list below.  That may be all that is needed.  If not, then you can always set a later time for a serious discussion. Continue reading “Struggles with Conflict – Part 2”

My Spirit Led Journey

walkway of flowering trees

May 19, 2014

I am not a meditator, but yesterday I found myself  having the opportunity to practice a form of walking meditation that had occurred spontaneously to me many years ago.  I had decided to take a brief walk in my neighborhood. As I began the walk, I realized I was entering an altered state of consciousness. Strange as it may seem to those of you who are reading this post, I decided I would allow my feet to decide where I would go.

As I looked down the street, my vision became more and more tunneled.  I had the sense I was entering a long walkway covered on the sides and above by flowering trees. Continue reading “My Spirit Led Journey”