Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge 2


When I saw Kathie’s WPC Edge photo on ChosenPerspectives this morning, it reminded me of an experience of my own.

One day, when my son was a young driver, he came home and parked the car in the driveway. Even though that was a frequent occurence, this time he forgot to pull up the parking break before he got out of the car. Our driveway is on a hill so the car rolled down the driveway and over the four-foot retaining wall at the end. It stopped at a two-foot statue of Buddha.

What I remember most about this incident is that I didn’t “lose it.” It has been a parenting moment that I have felt proud of ever since. At least inĀ  my memory, I stayed very calm. I felt relieved that my son wasn’t hurt and knew he would learn from the experience. I promptly called a tow truck and had the car pulled up. I don’t believe there was even any damage to the car. I remember thanking the Buddha statue for stopping the rolling car.

I took this photo with a Polaroid camera. As I look at it now, it occurs to me that this incident may be why the trees in that area bend to the left. I’ve always thought it was because they were stretching towards a sunnier part of the yard!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

I wandered around Lincoln Park this morning looking for shots I could take for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge. I took so many interesting photos and wasn’t certain which I would use for the Edge challenge.

Then, just before I left the park, a tree stump caught my eye. I knew I had found my subject! That stump contained so many different types of edges.












And here is a view of the stump as a whole.