Endless Beauty

Every year, I am awestruck by the beauty that surrounds me. Some views I marvel over each year.  Other sights have been in front of me for years and I have never noticed them. For me, the glory of nature feels ever-new. (Click galleries to enlarge pictures.)

A block from my house:

Looking down my block:


In my front yard:

Looking across the street:

A closer view of my neighbor’s tree:


Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape

Jefferson Park is a city park located near my home in Seattle.  When my children were young the park consisted of a community center, a tennis court and a golf course.  The land behind the park was owned by the Seattle Water Department and it was used for a water reservoir.  They allowed a playground to be built in an unused portion of their property. My children spent many hours in that playground.

In the late 90’s and early 2000’s in collaboration with Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle City Light, Seattle Department of Transportation, the Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs, Department of Neighborhoods, and many community groups, the park was developed into the 6th largest park in Seattle.  The project started with the reservoir being buried.

The landscape pictures below show a small portion of the park as well as some of the neighborhood, city and mountain views. (You can enlarge the photos by clicking on the gallery.)

Written for Weekly Photo Challenge: Landscape