Oregon Grape Shrubs Awakening

We have so many Oregon Grape shrubs on the restoration site. Some of them north of the Hanford stairs were planted by Earth Corps 10-15 years ago. Some of the ones south of the stairs were planted by a neighborhood group 6-10 years ago. All of shrubs had been crushed by blackberry vines but thrived once they were freed from those invasive plants. We have also planted new Oregon Grape shrubs throughout the site.

Buds begin to open
More and more flowers
More and more beauty


Weekly Photo Challenge: Story

Last week’s Weekly Photo Challenge was to tell a story with photos. What a perfect way for me to share photos of one of our Greenbelt Restoration Site’s Oregon Grape plants.

February 3


February 10


March 20


March 26

Clearly this is a story that will have future developments!


(The first picture was taken by a neighbor, Marine Kleven, who sometimes take photos during our work parties.)