Beauty in the Greenbelt

I’ve now had the privilege of seeing the Greenbelt property we are restoring in parts of all four seasons. These photos are a tiny glimpse of the beauty I’ve seen there.








September Garden Moments

My one melon.  The plant was given to me late in the season by friend Saroja!  Ymmmm.  I wonder how many of the tiny melons it would have produced if it had the whole summer to grow.

Almost everything in the garden has finished producing.  But I can start preparing for next year; in this case harvesting bush bean seeds.

The plant that is doing its best to ignore the season is the one that produces the big red and yellow dahlias.  In the many years it grew in my back yard, the plant produced one flower a year.  When I moved it to the sunny front yard two years ago, it took off!  The photo on the right is of a part of the plant that was knocked to the ground by wind and rain a few weeks ago.  It still is blooming!  And so is the rest of it.