Weekly Photo Challenge: Names

When I saw that the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week was “Names”, I knew exactly what my contribution would be.

I laugh whenever I think of the name of this bakery in Vallikavu, India– and I thoroughly enjoy eating their ice cream sundaes. I, of course, had to buy one when I went to town to take this photo today. The sundae was called Chocolate Fantasy. Yummmm!


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A Treat for Us!

I have so few memories of my childhood, but occasionally snippets come to my mind. One of those snippets has surfaced several time lately.

My mother loved to make desserts. Pies, cakes, bars, cookies, puddings– all were regular features in our house. Seven days a week, we expected and were given a desert for both lunch and dinner. When my mother made pies, I knew a special treat was in store for us. Continue reading “A Treat for Us!”