The Intriguing Pond Heron

Two days ago, I visited a small garden that is near the Western cafe. When I walked into the garden, I saw a friend who lives at the ashram.  For years, devotees have brought her injured or abandoned birds that they have found. She nurses the birds back to health and then frees them. On that day, she was interacting with a pond heron. I was intrigued.

The “hole” towards the back of his head is his ear.

7 thoughts on “The Intriguing Pond Heron

  1. Karuna, one fine afternoon, this past Good Friday to be exact, as i was leaving seva and rounding the temple, out of the corner of my eye i saw something black flying toward me. I didn’t give it much thought until I felt a hard slap on the right side of my face and ear. I looked around to see what in the world had hit me when i saw little Godfrey on the ground trying to stand up. Poor little baby bird. One second he/she was safely tucked in mom’s nest, the next snatched up by a crow, the next minute knocked hard out of the crow’s claws and into a human’s face. I was stunned, as one could imagine, from the shock of being slapped in the face by a crow’s bounty of a baby pond herron. After I regained my wits, I found our “bird caretaker” friend and the rest is history. Godfrey is totally in love with our friend and comes to see her from time to time. I am grateful that our friend has such love and dedication to all creatures.

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