I Feel Grateful and Blessed

I dealt with numerous challenges yesterday… and this morning. Today, those challenges have been resolving one after another.

just after 8 a.m., I looked out of my dining room window and saw sunlight streaming through the trees. At the same time this was happening, it was raining. The sunlight made the raindrops sparkle. My photo doesn’t do this experience justice, but I hope, along with my words, it gives you a sense of the beauty I witnessed.

Then I got into my car so I could drive to the bakery to pick up the pumpkin pies I’m taking to a Thanksgiving dinner later in the day. As I drove out of the driveway, the first thing I saw was a beautiful rainbow. I parked the car so that I could take another photograph. The rainbow was already beginning to fade when I snapped the picture, but I think the photo offers a glimpse of its beauty. Fifteen seconds later, the rainbow was gone.

I feel grateful and blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

The Beauty of Nature

Today I was walking near a pile of debris…

as I was walking up and down a slope to place burlap on areas that we are going to cover with wood chip mulch on Sunday. There is a shrub planted every place you see the blue and white checkered tape. Some of the plants haven’t been marked yet.

On one trip up the slope, a log caught my eye. I took a closer look at it when I walked back down.

How wondrous and beautiful nature is.

So Much Stillness and Beauty

Gopika and I decided to take a canoe back to the ashram yesterday after visiting Amma’s Vrindavan Field, the Ayurvedic Herbal Garden, and the Ayurvedic College, School of Engineering and School of Biotechnology grounds. I will write about our visit to those places another time but wanted you to see the canoe photos now.

Pushing away from the dock on the town side of the backwaters.


Starting to turn towards the Amritapuri ashram. I’m looking to the south.


I’m looking to the north.


Amritapuri Sunrise

This morning I decided it was high time for me to watch the sunrise. And what an experience it was.


I can’t believe that it took me three weeks to open the curtains of my room first thing in the morning so that I could see the beauty of the sunrise. What a metaphor that is for life. We miss so much because of the blinders we wear.

Quite a few of the photos I took towards the end of this series had a blue orb in it. I’m thinking the camera may have been reacting to the blinding light of the sun, although that is only a guess.


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Amritapuri Sunsets

My friend Prarthana sent me stunning photos of the sunsets she took here the last two nights. I asked for, and received, permission to share them with you. Enjoy!

August 30

August 31

When I got off the elevator on my floor tonight, I was blessed with the sight of a gorgeous sunset. I took a photo so I could add it to this series. The picture looks essentially the same as what I saw with my eyes. Generally, the colors on my sunrise and sunset photos are muted. I’m so happy with this one.

September 1


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Beauty in the Greenbelt

I’ve now had the privilege of seeing the Greenbelt property we are restoring in parts of all four seasons. These photos are a tiny glimpse of the beauty I’ve seen there.








So Much Beauty

This morning I took a brief trip to Vallikavu, the small town across the backwaters from the ashram. Prior to December 2006, when we wanted to go to town, we had to take a canoe.

After the 2004 tsunami hit the peninsula where the ashram is located, Amma decided to build a footbridge so that the peninsula could be evacuated swiftly should another emergency occur.


Today I stood at the top of that bridge



and looked to the north



and to the south.



Beauty as far as I could see.

After I finished what I needed to do in town, I started walking back to the bridge. Just before I reached it, I was invited to join some people who were taking the canoe. I wanted to buy something at the fruit stand by the bridge so decided not to do that.

Once I bought my fruit, I started climbing the stairs that would take me back to the ashram.



Someday soon, I think I will take that canoe. Even though it has been ten years since I’ve done that, I remember what it was like to be so close to the water and the beautiful sights.

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