A Fascinating Plant

When I came home from Woodinville in mid-August, I discovered that a sweet potato on my kitchen cabinet had sprouted. By then the sprout was at least 8 inches long and it had many 1/8 – 1/4 inch leaves. I watched it grow for a few weeks and then decided to cut off the part of the sweet potato with the sprout. I put the cutting in a cup of water.

I was shocked by how fast the roots grew. Pretty soon the glass cup was filled with roots. I took a photo at that point but when I looked for it on the camera later, it was nowhere to be found.

The third week in September, I decided to plant the cutting in dirt. It was too late in the year to plant it outside so it would have to be a house plant. Once planted in dirt, it seemed like the leaves doubled in size every day. It was hard to imagine they had only been 1/8 – 1/4 inches weeks before. This photo was taken on September 23.

And here are two I took on October 6.

It is a beautiful plant. I hope it continues growing. I wonder if it will ever produce sweet potatoes. If so, will it be during the winter since it is being treated like a house plant? This will be an adventure.


11 thoughts on “A Fascinating Plant

  1. I remember when I was little that my mom used to grow sweet potato plants too, but she started them in water for the roots to grow and never transferred them to soil so they’d always have a short life. For awhile the plants got quite large and long, but then they’d start turning yellow and be done.

    I was just thinking that this is the 1st year you won’t be at the ashram for the Christmas holidays. Must seem strange to you, but at least we have our weekly live satsangs. Are they even having any kind of Christmas play or presentation? I wouldn’t think so, but Amma is always full of surprises. 🙏🏻


  2. How cool to see Karuna’s posting and then a comment from you, Shobana. I remember this was a school project: cutting a sweet potato in half and inserting toothpicks in the side and suspending the cut potato over water in a glass. I’ll be interested to hear what happens to the plant – I think what Shobana describes will happen, but I’ll be interested to hear how the plant fares. And I do wonder what would happen if the season allowed the plant to be put in the ground now…I don’t know how tubers would grow from the roots rather than the potato being buried itself, but Nature has a way…Keep us updated!

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    1. yes I will keep you posted. I had bought a cloth container that is used for container gardening. It had a flap on the side where you could harvest the potatoes while the plant was still living. But I tested it ahead of time with water and realized it was meant to be used for an outdoor plant. The water seeped through the fabric even though it was thick. I will plant something in it in spring!


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