Amma Quotes

Amma is an internationally known humanitarian and spiritual leader. I met her in June of 1989 and have spent time with her every year since then. (I was going to add except in 2020 but then I remembered I was with her in India in January 2020!) From time to time, I share Amma quotes on my blog. This is one of those times.

Traveling by bus, we see many things on the way and just let them pass by. Watch the thoughts of your minds in the same way.

Never forget God. Never forget your real Source. Never move away from the real center within you.

In times of tragedies, our duty is to lend a helping hand to those in grief and thus light lamps of kindness and compassion.

Grace is the factor that brings the right result to your actions, at the right time and in the right proportion.

Lessen the quantity of unnecessary thoughts and allow more space for the energy of love to flow within you.

Photo Source: Amma’s Facebook Page

3 thoughts on “Amma Quotes

  1. I love her quotes…Amma has such a profound wisdom and shares them generously and with stories that reach to everyone of all ages. I am going to use the first quote to help my callers as another strategy in managing their worry thoughts…okay, okay, I will use for me too. Oh, how I miss travelling on a bus or train and just watching all go by…not having a car, I can certainly appreciate the simple things like that. I will not dare take a bus until it is safer but I am also blessed to be one of the fortunate who can work remotely. Big hugs to you, my friend. I just reposted a Dear Emma I had kept as a draft rather than publish…ah, the mind forgets sometimes. ((((hugs))))) oh I miss hugs too a whole bunch.


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