I Am Truly Blessed

Since my father was in the military, we moved frequently throughout my childhood.  For example, I lived in three different places and went to three different schools during  third grade.  When I moved to Seattle to go to college, I decided I was done with moving.  (I believed I was done with traveling too, but that didn’t happen. I’ve traveled to India almost yearly since I met Amma in 1989.)

I married in 1971 and in 1973 we bought a house in Seattle.  This will be my 40th year living in that house!  This is the view from my kitchen window each spring.  (I wish the colors of the blossoms were as vivid on these pictures as they are in reality, but at least you can get a really good sense of what it is like.)

20140406_130222   20140406_130214

The shed you see not far from the tree was IN the tree until my son in law, Akshay, took it down for me last year.  I had it built in the early 90’s.  It is 7′ by 7′ and  I slept in it from April to October for five years … until huge racoons, standing up on their hind legs between me and the tree house, made it clear who was in charge of the yard at night.

I used to feel discouraged that I didn’t have time to create or maintain the beautifully manicured yard and gorgeous gardens that were here when we first bought the house.  One day, I was grumbling about that to a friend and she said, “Karuna, look around you.”  Her comment and what I saw when I really “looked” opened my eyes.  I may not have beautifully manicured gardens but the natural beauty around me was and is awe inspiring.

Here are some early spring pictures (i.e. from today!):

20140407_082955   20140407_083248

20140407_121256    20140407_121537  20140407_12171620140407_152345

As I look at my yard, I am remembering the importance of paying attention to what I have, instead of what I don’t have.  I also believe it is a powerful example that so often we are given what we need, instead of what we want, and are much the better for it.

I am truly blessed!


16 thoughts on “I Am Truly Blessed

  1. You have the most amazing views and you have a magnolia I am so jealous. There is one a few doors down and I hanker after it I only console myself by the fact I don’t have to clear all the large petals up if it isn’t in my garden hehe! Xx


      1. Thanks for looking. That was a great idea. I wonder if the worms would like some of them. The can always go into the regular compost bin. That isn’t as creative as what could be possible but it is still recycling!


      2. yes true, it just seemed odd that there was no creative use, things like that bug me (excuse the pun) and its not like im sitting doing nothing and have too much time to think, more like a dog with a bone on some ideas hehe


      3. I just looked for more information about Magnolia blossoms as well. It turns out they don’t work well for compost unless you chop them up. I question that since it seems to me that they break down fairly rapidly. I have a feeling I have a different type of magnolia tree than the one I was reading about. I also discovered that the blossoms can be pickled and/or used in a mixture of honey. It sounded like they were using petals before they fell from the tree though. Still, it might be interesting to try.


        So there are no recycling projects that will use all of the blossoms, except composting, but there are at least uses for small numbers of them. I may try the honey one.

        I never would have explored this if you hadn’t thought of it. Thanks!


  2. I don’t believe there is anything more spectacular then spring in Seattle but I I’m biased. Everything is so beautiful when it reawakens. This is a good lesson to really see what is before me. I needed the reminder today. So Thank you Karuna. P.S the romantic in me loves that you slept in the tree house and hates that the midnight bandits won. 😉


  3. I just checked your website to find out where you live….. Seattle!….. no wonder you are biased. I look forward to looking at your website closer later.

    I regret that the racoons won too, but know there is a time and a season for everything. And every time I see a family of four racoons walking across my back yard (in daylight hours no less) I know it was the right decision. I love that I live 3 miles from the very center of Seattle (i.e. on Beacon Hill) and still have this much greenery and wildlife to enjoy.


  4. What a beautiful view, Karuna. Thank you for sharing this. When we had our home, I always preferred an English garden to a French garden…more wild flowers. It must be nice living in the same home for so long. Your children must love this too when they visit. That’s one thing my children miss…the family home. We married in 1971 as well. Interesting…


    1. I think they do like it, although it is interesting that they both moved to India when they grew up.

      Yes, it is interesting we both married in 1971. We have so many things in common!


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