The Beauty of India

Amrita Setu Bridge was built in 2006 after the Tsunami devastated the peninsula. 177 people lost their lives in Kerala due to the Tsunami. At that time there was no easy escape to the mainland. The ashram built the bridge for an easy pathway for the villagers to get across.

India has some of the most amazing flowers I’ve seen.

The colors of Indian Sunsets are always breathtaking.

The Monkeys of Kathmandu can be seen carrying their babies around the temples.

But back to Amrita Setu bridge, I wonder if these monkeys used it.

8 thoughts on “The Beauty of India

  1. Om Namah shivaya Karuna. Funny seeing this today as I was just thinking of perhaps  going to India and was remembering breakfasts with you

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  2. Love the rainbow picture. Interesting that it encompasses Amma’s university and ayurvedic college as well! So auspicious.


  3. Hi Karuna,
    These pictures have increased my longing to visit Amma in Amritapuri and to visit you in Seattle!
    Hope to see you soon.
    Love, Nirmala


  4. Dear Karuna, I echo those above as these photos made me smile and filled with the longing of seeing Amritapuri again and see you in Seattle. Devapriya and Chitanand are coming late October to the US!
    Much Love, Sumati


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