14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

      1. No problem Karuna.. Please do not worry… I speak intuitively at the time I comment.. and I am in my own notification box at the moment.. and can not think what I put.. but it being about compassion being spread around the world..
        have a lovely day Karuna.. Hugs to you x Sue

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  1. Hi Karuna, I just want to thank you for the poem, “Amma, Embodiment of Compassion.” A friend posted the poem on Facebook and I read it. It came at just the right time after a big disappointment.

    I have for a few years now been feeling very doubtful about Amma despite living at Amritapuri for over ten years. I used to have great faith in her, then something changed and I began to doubt her in many ways. (Even before Gail’s book.)

    Then today I was feeling sad and disappointed and obsessing and feeling worse and worse. When I read your poem I suddenly realized that for once I could, if I wanted to, stop trying to avoid sadness and just let it happen. I could even, just think of it, cry. Haven’t done that in at least twelve years! Well I finally decided to try it and the sobs just kept coming for twenty minutes or more, and they would have continued for who knows how long, but it was getting near lunchtime and I decided it was time to stop for now. Hopefully I could resume it when needed.

    Now, a few hours later, I am still open like I haven’t been in sooo long. And I remembered how just a couple of weeks ago I had prayed to Amma (despite my doubts, I figured it couldn’t hurt) to “open me up.” Well today I guess she did. So my faith in Amma is a little greater today. Maybe a lot greater, I will have to see.

    Again, Thank you.

    John Dharmendra Milam

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    1. I am so glad that my poem was the catalyst for opening up all of your tears. That release is so important. The book you refer to was designed to create doubt and that is a very painful process.

      I appreciate that you let me know what happened for you. I want to make sure that you are aware your message, and this one shows on my blog. It is fine, and even good, to have it there but I wanted you to know it is public in case you don’t want that.

      You might enjoy reading all of the stories I wrote from Amritapuri recently. They are listed on my blog under the India category.

      You are also welcome to write me at karunap108@comcast.net if you like.


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