The Wonders of Nature


Several of the rituals conducted during Amma‘s programs use flower petals.  Today, I was working with a group of people who were taking the petals off of carnations.  In the process of doing that, we removed the stamen from each flower.

We soon discovered that the stamens were very different from each other even though the flowers themselves were all carnations.  It was as if every flower was unique.  I took a few minutes to take photos of eight of them.


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Someone commented that they looked like roots of teeth.  One of the men working with us said that when something in nature looks like something else those two things often have some kind of relation to each other.  We wondered if there was any chance that the stamens had any medicinal value related to alleviating tooth pain.  Just thinking of the possibility that that might be true was wondrous.

8 thoughts on “The Wonders of Nature

    1. It is a slide show.  I just went to my blog on my phone and only saw three pictures.  Could you see any?  I’m at Amma’s program but I will see what I can do when I go back to the hotel.  Thanks so much for telling me.

      Were you looking at it on a computer or phone?

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  1. It is now loading fine, but before there was nothing although it was trying to load. Refreshing the page did not help, and it still would not load even after 20 seconds or so. I am using a very fast PC. Anyway, all is well now.


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