Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day!

I woke up Friday morning to find a very supportive email in my inbox.  It was from a friend who is visiting India. What a great way to start my day.

Soon thereafter, I read a funny post on my son’s blog.  Next, I harvested vegetables from the garden, made some homemade ice cream and then started canning peaches. What a day and it was still morning!

In the early afternoon, I discovered that the Weekly Photo Challenge for this week was to create a photo gallery representing “Today was a Good Day.” We could use the present day or one from the past.

I realized I was in the middle of a day that was my conception of an especially “Good Day.” I had even taken some photos of some of my earlier activities. So I kept on living, and photographing, my life!

This was definitely a good day.  If the Seahawks had won the game it would have been even better, but this was a pre-season game and they played well so I have no complaints!

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was a Good Day!

    1. Everything is slowing down now. It is getting colder in the evenings, plus spring came so early. I have lots of tomatoes still ripening but I don’t think there is going to be much of anything else. I will miss the abundance of vegetables and so will the worms in my worm bins!


  1. Seeds sown with tools of loving care, sprout in sunny climate of warmth, offering the gardener a harvest of happiness; so all those greens, karuna, naturally make for a happy day…


  2. What a grand day…not only a good harvest but Karuna made of love and compassion shares her harvest with family and friend. Wish I were there!! The supervisor from Montreal is training counselors at our new Vancouver office (sigh)…it was not meant to be to work late shifts.

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