Living and Learning in Amritapuri: Wrapping Up My Nov 28, 2015 to Jan 11, 2016 Visit


Since Amma was on the North Kerala tour, my last days in the ashram for this year were relatively quiet.  As soon as she left, I started cleaning up my room and storing my belongings.  I also worked in the cafe, and had some special time with Chaitanya and Sreejit (my daughter and son). In addition, I reflected on my trip as a whole and pondered changes I would make once I returned to Seattle

Tai Chi

You might remember that my Tai teachers had returned to their respective countries. Dave departed just before Christmas and Stefanie left soon after New Year’s. Our class had decided to practice on its own, but a man we met just before our instructors left volunteered to teach us. He was a very kind and knowledgeable man, but his style was so different from what I was used to. Among other things, he taught us about 1) chakras, 2) giving gratitude to our organs for serving us year after year and 3) how each of the moves related to either bringing chi into our body or sending it out.

Like Dave and Stefanie, he often showed us how the movements we were doing related to the martial art form of Tai Chi. The information he shared was fascinating and valuable but we stood in one place while listening to him talk for an hour or more each day. My swollen feet didn’t do well with that. I tried sitting on the ground or on a step from time to time but that didn’t work for me either. He used quiet guided imagery a lot. I became agitated, wanting to be doing the beautiful Tai Chi moves. The rest of the class was thoroughly enjoying his class, though, so I began to think about dropping out.

I noticed my body was beginning to get stiff and was reverting to the way it had been before I had started the Tai Chi classes. One day, I decided to go to the beach early and practice the movements I had learned. I enjoyed doing that so much. That practice was followed by another day of standing still for over an hour, so I decided to drop the class.

Each morning until I left the ashram, I took the elevator up to the 15th floor of the building I live in and then walked up to the roof. As I did Tai Chi on the rooftop, majestic eagles flew over me.

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(I realize some of you may not be able to access the slide show so I will post one of the photos below.)


During the last two days of my stay in Amritapuri, I purposely left my camera in my room and experienced the eagles for myself. One day there were six of them flying over or near me! That truly felt like heaven.

As my time to leave the ashram approached, I started doing computer searches to look for teachers in Seattle. I plan to take my time in choosing a new instructor. Dave had suggested we look for teachers whose movements flow and who has noticeable chi themselves. I added another criteria to that list. I want a teacher who emphasizes practice over theory.

There is one Tai Chi story I have meant to tell you in past posts but kept forgetting to do so.  I have shared many photos of the beautiful beach where we held the class. What was also true about that beach is that we were learning in an area which was used as a parking lot during Amma’s public darshan programs.  On those days, there were as many as four large buses and numerous cars parked in “our” area.  That space was also the thoroughfare for pick-up trucks and bicycles going to and from the food composting center. We definitely had plenty of practice in staying flexible and patient.  The whole scene became funny at times.

Seahawks subject I haven’t mentioned at all is my love for the Seahawks.  I have had a life time distaste for football but all that changed in 2013 when I became an avid follower of our Seattle team.  I love the sense of community supporting the team brings to Seattle, and our whole region for that matter.  Last year I purposely woke up early when I was in India to “watch” some of the games.  (I say “watch” but that really means I was watching the score.) This year I was content to just look at the scores when I woke up, but the team was still very much on my mind.  I would be returning at the same time the playoff games started. In fact, the first play off game would take place when I staying in a hotel in Dubai, so I planned to “watch” it there.  (Photo Credit: Ginny Gensler)

Trip summary

I decided to make a photo gallery that represents many of the highlights of my 2015/16 visit to Amritapuri:


(Hover the cursor over pictures to see the captions; Click the gallery to enlarge the pictures)

There are, of course, many other people with whom I had special times on this trip but have no picture of them to put in the gallery. I will keep the photo below separate from the gallery since I didn’t take it in Amritapuri.  It portrays a pancake I made when I returned to Seattle; one that was inspired by the breakfasts my friend Lalita created each morning.  I appreciate her positive modeling of healthy eating and all of the wonderful conversations we had during that meal. The pancake I made is topped with yogurt, pomegranate, bananas, chia seeds and hemp seeds.  I will eventually look for ragi flour and try to replicate the cafe’s ragi pancakes!



January 17 Epilogue

I left India on January 10.  On the way back to Seattle, I stayed 14 hours in the Dubai airport hotel and did indeed follow the first Seahawk playoff game while I was there! When I was still at the airport in India, I was thinking about the game and noticed that Skiddles were being sold there.  I’ve never had a Skiddle in my life, but I knew one of our players often talks about them (I think they are one of his sponsors). I decided to buy a package of Skiddles as a symbol of support for my team. When I mentioned  I had purchased them to Sreejit and Chaitanya they both told me how bad they were for my teeth! I thought it was funny to get that kind of feedback from my kids.

I arrived in Seattle on Monday morning and on Wednesday morning checked out my first Tai Chi class. I liked the class but I want to experience some other teachers before I make a decision about an ongoing classes.  I have picked classes to attend on the 19th and 21st.

I spent this weekend attending a Sanskrit workshop. I love being with the Samskrita Bharati family but in the future I will remind myself not to participate in a workshop so soon after my return. (I’m still only sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night due to jet lag.)  My friend Yashas took the workshop with me and he loved it.  That really made the weekend extra special for me.  Hopefully in time we will be able to speak Sanskrit together.  (As an aside, the 2nd Seahawks playoff game was during the workshop.  I know I was not the only person in the room who was surreptitiously glancing at their phone to check the score.  We lost.  Bummer.)

My visit to India was challenging but I learned so much and will be eternally grateful for the opportunities I have been given.  Thank you for reading my posts and in so doing taking the journey along with me.


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17 thoughts on “Living and Learning in Amritapuri: Wrapping Up My Nov 28, 2015 to Jan 11, 2016 Visit

  1. Karuna, I got to the ashram the day Amma left (at 0530, from what I was told). I received no hug…karma. I hunted all over for Sreejit because he had told me that he worked in the kitchen. But each “kitchen” I went to was not the right one, or he’d already left, or something. I finally met him literally five minutes before I took a taxi north. If you worked in the cafe, I probably saw you. You maybe sold me a cookie! namaste

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I talked to Sreejit very soon after he talked to you. I’m glad you were able to meet up at least for a few minutes. I totally know what it is like to go from place to place and be told he had just left!

      I’m also glad you were able to at least see the ashram. Your experience would have been so different if you had been there the day before… the ashram is so much quieter when Amma is gone! 🙂 Hopefully you got some rest.

      I will never forget reading your blog with my eyes growing wider and wider as I realized how close you were.

      I look forward to reading about your future adventures.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, it was cool meeting him. But you know, I’m not sure I would have liked being there for that short period better with all those other people there. Yeah, I would have loved to have met Amma, and get a hug. I loved being in the ashram, the vibe, the cafe!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It sounds like you had the introduction to Amma you were supposed to have. She has lived there since she was born and I believe every grain of sand carries her energy.

        I also love being at the ashram when she is gone. I try to time my visits so that I get there before she comes and leave after she leaves. It is wonderful when she is there but it is nice to have the quiet, restful energy too!

        If you still want a hug consider getting one when she comes to the U.S. in the summer!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked the post!

      I can understand your lost years comment, but I imagine they were necessary to build the present day connection. I am glad we are sharing the blogging experience in this new world.


    1. I think I may have found the place where I will continue my classes. I’m going there tomorrow for the first time. I wonder if we will be in class at the same time! Mine will be 8:30 a.m. PST.


  2. A lovely summary and your experience on the rooftop with eagles is so moving. What an experience you had! Tai Chi (when I used to practice this years ago) seemed to reap its benefits only if done every day. Once my sore shoulder is healed, I want to start this up again. Your photos are truly stunning, Karuna. I think you meant to write January 10th at the beginning of the post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did the second Tai Chi class today. It is a good match. I look forward to the classes. I’m glad you are going to do it too!

      Thanks for telling me about changing the month from December to January!


      1. I will look forward to reading it!

        I’ve been working on an echo poem as my contribution to the Challenge for Growth Prompt that comes out in the morning. I will let you know about that too.


      2. It’s fine with me if you write about the negative feelings….. if you want to! The new one is up now so you might want to take a look at that one and then if you decided you wanted to come back to last week’s prompt you could do it at some later time!


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