Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is to share a photo of something rare. I believe that the microscopic nature photos I have been sharing on my blog are rare. This is one I took yesterday of the center of an Echinacea flower.


16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

    1. It isn’t. I’m doing a lot of microscopic photos nowadays. I have an adapter that lets me attach the iPhone to the microscope. The view is way better when I look directly into the microscope but the iPhone/adapter/microscope combo turns out nice photos.

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    1. Incredible isn’t it. I looked through the microscope at a nearly dead echinacea flower center and also at one whose leaves were wilting. This photo came from that one.

      I keep wondering if the center of a dying flower looks this beautiful, how radiant would a healthy one be? I haven’t found out because I haven’t wanted to pluck a healthy blossom. Maybe I will do that when there are many more flowers.

      I am also going to open some of them up at some point to see what’s inside.

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