My First….

I have owned a car since 1969. At that time I borrowed money from my parents in order to purchase a little white Datsun. I needed the car so I could make home visits during my public health nursing course.

The cars I have had since then have usually lasted seven years. In 2001, I bought the Toyota Corolla I still drive. It has been a great car and I expect, or at least hope, it will be the car I drive until the end of my driving years.

In my 49 years of owning cars, I have never put a bumper sticker on my car. Earlier this year, I was at a Green Seattle Partnership event where there were many displays. On one table there was a stack of bumper stickers. I picked up one even though I didn’t expect to use it, at least not as a bumper sticker.

I have looked at it many times since then. The message on it reflects my values and I believe it will continue to reflect my values throughout the rest of my life. One day last week, I decided to put the sticker on the car.

After I applied it, I realized I had put it in the middle of the back of the car, not on the bumper! That makes sense though. The high visibility placement reflects the value I place on the message.

4 thoughts on “My First….

  1. So you are no longer a bumper sticker virgin, eh?

    GREAT first Sticker and I get the importance! Congrats on your first!

    My two all time stickers are one I saw years ago in Los Angeles that said

    “Smuck Fog!”

    And the other I still love today says

    “Wage Relentless Compassion”

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