Watching the Creek (and more) from My Window- Part 4

The first predictions of snow were really off. However the one for the day after Christmas was quite accurate.

When it was light enough to look outside, it was a beautiful sight to behold. From inside my room I could look out the window and see the snow. (I am appreciating how often they clean the windows here. It makes it possible for me to take clear pictures.)

After I got dressed, I walked, using my walker, down to the lobby to get my morning pastry and to fill out and turn in my dinner menu. I looked out the front window of the facility and saw so much snow. There was someone in the parking lot using a snow shovel to clear the sidewalks. That would certainly be a huge and time consuming job.

The first time I looked at the creek I thought I saw the water moving.

When I looked at it a couple hours later it looked frozen. I thought it was a possibility considering by then it was 27 or 28° degrees outside. I imagine there was water still running under the ice.

The snow stopped much earlier in the day than forecasted. It will completely stop by 7 pm.

And then on Thursday it may start again!


The day after. No wonder I’m cold.

3 thoughts on “Watching the Creek (and more) from My Window- Part 4

  1. . . . . . So, you’ve got what should be our weather these dayswe’ve had no snow yet – normally the week after Thksgvng is the first blizzard. it’s been in the high 50’s last week – go figure your pics are lovelywhat a fortunately situated place you live in. xoxo

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  2. Happy Winter Wonderland Karuna, yes, it is beautiful in Seattle. It’s great that you have clean windows too! Carlos and I are getting ready to take his mother to Spokane for New Years Eve with her other two children. We leave on Thursday morning so either we’ll be driving through lots of snow or just missing the next big dump! Don’t worry though, Carlos is a snow warrior with a lifetime of ski trips and driving in all kinds of winter weather. We have
    a great car with all weather tires, etc. so it should be a beautiful trip. Will call or write when I’m home again after the first of the year. Stay warm and cozy,
    Love, Nirmala

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