Texas Beauty #2

At a place in the Texas hill country called McKinley Falls, there has been such a drought that the falls little more than trickled. There was also a swimming hole but none of us had a swimming suit. But still, it was beautiful to see.


Inside Natural Bridge Caverns. It’s called the Emerald Pool.
In this cavern, it was 100% humidity. This is water dripping from what is called a veil. We got water dropped in us a few times.


More from the caverns:

A stalactite, growing from the ceiling, almost meets a stalagmite, growing from the floor. (I lightened this photoa little. Karuna)


the bridge that gives the caverns it’s name(natural bridge caverns)

3 thoughts on “Texas Beauty #2

  1. What gift to be with Mother Nature. Amazing place. Thank you for sharing Vedavati’s pics. XXX’s-Arathi


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