Becoming Me in 111 Words



Army brat in a critical household

My heart full of anger

Alone and lonely

Why bother?



Conservative college student, trapped again

Rebel by school’s end

Discovering new worlds

Finding life!


Migrant worker- me!

Migrant farm laborer

From Florida to Washington State

Seeing racism up close

Ready to make a difference.



Married Al and had two beautiful babies

– was unprepared and overwhelmed,

divorce and chronic fatigue left me

feeling empty, alone, beaten down.


Me, Pam, Elaine2

Enter Jean, Elaine and Pam

Learned to parent myself and my children

Mentors’ teachings will last forever

I am whole.


What Love Means to Me

Enter Amma

In her music I find Joy

In her arms I find Home

In her mission I find Purpose.


Written for Dungeon Prompts: Becoming You in 111 Words


I Will Know When I Know



This week’s “Dreaming Big” Dungeon Prompt  is very timely for me, for two reasons.  The night before the prompt came out, I read an article about daydreaming in the April 2014 issue of Psychology Today.   Continue reading “I Will Know When I Know”