Viewing the Seagull Viewing


Last Thursday, as I was coming out of my doctor’s office, I could tell that someone was calling me on the phone, even though the ringer was off. I decided to stand near a window to take the call. When I looked out the window, I saw a seagull standing on the ledge in front of me. The bird appeared to be looking at the building across the street.

I was on the phone for a while. During that time, the seagull stood completely still. When I finished the call, I decided to photograph it. Within moments, the bird began to move. At times I felt like it was posing for me!




This was my favorite photo of them all.


I am aware that if I hadn’t taken the call, I would never have seen the seagull and would have missed out on this wonderful, unexpected, experience.

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Road Taken



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