Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance

This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance brought two set’s of photographs to mind.

I took the first set in February, when I went on a nature walk at Loon Lake in British Columbia.  The photos are of a downed tree.  It seemed to me that one of pictures made it look like the trunk was spinning, as in a whirling dervish.

The second set was from last December when I was in India watching a storm approaching.  It was “ready to rumble.”





File 14-12-2015, 8 58 25 AM


File 14-12-2015, 9 00 01 AM


cropped File 14-12-2015, 8 59 18 AM


A Storm’s A’Coming

As I left the auditorium yesterday evening, I noticed there was a strange orange glow in the air.  I looked up at the sky and it was blue.  I didn’t know where the glow came from; it felt surreal.

When I turned the next corner, it became very windy.  Once I reached the balcony on the fifth floor of of the building where I live, I could see a wide expanse of sky.  The various colors and textures before me were striking.




Before long there was lightning and then rain poured from the sky!