Introducing Jeff Alexander and the Leap of Faith

I have been thinking about writing this post for some time.  It is about an incredible teacher and a powerful workshop.  It has been life changing for me and for countless numbers of people in my personal and professional life.


Jeff Alexander has an extensive and widely varied background; e.g. martial arts, boxing, law enforcement, dentistry and teaching. Jeff doesn’t believe in “all talk” workshops.  Whenever he teaches, he gives the students full body experiences so they can learn physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Leap of Faith is probably Jeff’s most well-known workshop.  Here are some statements from the website

Ignorance of our true identity is the root cause of all suffering. We see ourselves merely as individual personalities separate from each other. This is the greatest delusion of all. It gives rise to fear. Fear stops us dead in our tracks and creates obstacles to our growth. We fear each other and the unknown. Until this perception shifts, suffering will continue. It is not the events in life that cause suffering. It is the mind’s perception of these events that cause suffering. And when fear is present, suffering will be with us.

The Leap of Faith is a profound weekend experience where participants actively learn to be fully present, stop habitual negative thinking and shift their perception of fear and confrontation into power and peace.

Escalating challenges provides each student with the full body/mind experience, crossing the line of fear into successful action…over and over again.

Leap of Faith is Jeff’s gift to the world.  He makes it accessible to everyone by having a registration fee that is only $35.  If participants want to make a donation after the workshop, to “pay it forward,” they are certainly welcome to, but there is no expectation.

One of my co-therapists, Vince Horan, went to Leap of Faith in the early to mid 90’s  It must have been one of the first Leaps Jeff led, if not the first.  Vince loved it and I was intrigued.  Our clients started going soon thereafter.  One of the first clients of mine that attended was  in an emotionally, and potentially physically, abusive relationship.  The relationship did not last long after she attended the workshop, but she had changed so profoundly that her partner felt her new-found power and stopped the abusive behaviors immediately.  Needless to say, I was very impressed.

You would think I would have gone right away myself, but not so.  To be honest, despite the obvious fact that everyone survives and leaves thriving, I was afraid to do it.  However, in 1997 after being in an airplane that descended 25,000 feet in a minute’s time (that’s a story for a future post) I was ready for Leap of Faith.  All of a sudden the workshop didn’t seem so scary!

I loved my Leap of Faith experience.  There were certainly times when I felt fear, but for the most part I felt my power.  And I found my voice!  Afterwards, I wrote this about the workshop:

What I experienced far outweighed my greatest expectations. The course is magnificently crafted, and I experienced the awe of being with a master teacher

I’ve had decades of clients attend Leap of Faith.  The workshop teaches them to face the demons in their lives, no matter what form they come in.  Almost without exception their therapy process takes a massive jump forward.

Thank you Jeff, for all you have done for me, for my friends, colleagues, clients, and for the world.

I will end this post with some short video statements by people who were finishing their Leap of Faith experience.


17 thoughts on “Introducing Jeff Alexander and the Leap of Faith

    1. I’m pleased that you like the design and content of my blog! Thanks for letting me know.

      Leap of Faith is such a powerful program. I enjoyed writing about it and am glad to hear that reading about it interested you!


  1. Thank you for sharing that it sounds very interesting. Does he teach over here at all? Your aero plane synopsis made my stomach turn I don’t like flying at the best of times and now can’t but gosh how scary that must have been? My father was a very angry man and couldn’t have pets and always blew up in tantrums he used to scare me. However he went and did the silva method have you ever heard of this? He came back very different much calmer I was always grateful he went lol. He still blew up sometimes but not as much x


    1. I don’t think Jeff has plans to go to London, but I don’t really know. I will ask him!

      I don’t know of the Silva method. I’m glad it helped your dad reduce his anger. I will look it up!


  2. Interesting post, Karuna, I like how you melded the details about Jeff’s workshop with your own experiences. As someone who knows very little about this kind of therapy, having your personal experience gave me an easy way in to the new parts of the world you’re sharing with me. I’m so glad you contacted me; I might not have ever known about ashrams and Leap Of Faith!


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