Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

This past June, I was very disturbed by the lack of honey bees in my garden (We Need the Bees).  While bumblebees were present throughout the summer, and at least some honey bees from mid July on, I don’t think I ever saw a bee of any kind in the bee balm, a plant known for attracting bees.  While I grieve that the world’s bee population has decreased so significantly, and hope we can do what it takes to bring them back, my heart lifted when I saw this visitor in the bee balm one day.  This bird, or others like it, returned almost every day.  While the hummingbird is gone now, I have not forgotten it, and look forward to the possibility of its return next summer!  At that time, I hope I am also blessed with the sight of seeing honey bees drinking nectar from the bee balm.

hummingbird in bee balm

Written for Weekly Photo Challenge:  Gone But Not Forgotten

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

    1. I’ve never seen a flower called baseball and don’t see anything on the web. I’m curious. If you have a link that has a picture would you let me know!


      1. I can’t believe somehow beebalm got changed to baseball. Yes I have have some pictures of beebalm on Google My photos are on Google+ under the name of Betty Davenport or bettylouise. I will look and see if I can find. I will up it botanical name. I don’t understand links that is something I need to study.


      2. I will look at your site when I get a chance.

        There is actually something called baseball flowers but they are flowers made out of parts of baseballs!


  1. Let’s take back our earth through our thoughts and the things we create from our minds, which are the very things we create in the physical form (manifestation).
    Minding one’s thoughts with humbleness, gives one the power to accept imperfection in oneself and others, realizing we each are not always right about whatever it is we make up our minds about. Let’s clean up our thoughts and clean up the earth at the same time, then not only will the bees thrive again, but all of God’s creations.


  2. I was thrilled to see some honeybees on my backyard sedum this fall (first in a long time) … then again the first week of November, when traveling, we saw honeybees on the flowers in Battery Park in lower Manhattan. I thought it was a hopeful sign. At my previous house I had lots of beebalm and a layer of bees, but that was over a decade ago. Your hovering hummingbird photo is gorgeous.


    1. I’m excited to hear that you are experiencing bees coming back. Thanks for letting me know.

      I love that hummingbird photo. It felt like such a gift. The first time I saw the hummingbird it came up to my car window directly in front of me…. and from there went to the bee balm.


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