Journey Into the Mind (Limerick)



I spent the weekend in a place of incredible beauty.  The company was wonderful, the food was great.  I was doing the things I love to do, singing, chanting, being.  What more could I ask?  I could ask for a mind that would stop thinking, stop worrying, let me rest.


What better subject to address in my second Writing 201 assignment:  “Write a limerick about a journey.”

  • Limericks are traditionally composed of five lines of verse.
  • The traditional rhyming scheme of a limerick is a a b b a — the first two lines rhyme, then the next two, and the final verse rhymes with the first couplet.


My First Limerick

Journey into the mind, dark and dreary.
Caught in the maze, alone and teary
Where is the peace?
Where is the release?
Bring me out of this state so bleary.


Written for Writing 201:  Journey

25 thoughts on “Journey Into the Mind (Limerick)

      1. My memory of the overall course directions was that it was okay to publish whatever we write, even if it doesn’t fit any of the assignment directions. BTW I didn’t know/remember that it was supposed to be funny. Mine definitely wasn’t.

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      2. Thank you for commenting on this… The definition of a limerick, says they should be humorous. You are write about the directions, we can write whatever we want. I should of remembered this last night. I was up late trying to write a funny one… Not so easy.


    1. Thanks for the early morning laugh! I thought of that when I wrote it. My limerick reflected my Saturday night/Sunday experience. It was fun to write and helpful besides!


    1. Thanks! I had been working on another one and going nowhere and then this idea came. I was so surprised at how fast it came together, especially after having spent a good amount of time on the first one! I forgot that it was supposed to be funny, but I don’t care. I like how it turned out!

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      1. I know what you mean! I hate working really hard on one piece and then you decide to try something totally different and it just flows. Awesome job! Can’t wait to read more of your work 😀


      2. I have a very different reaction to that experience. I LOVE it when the words come on their own. It is almost like magic and is a reminder to me that my most powerful pieces are likely to come from silence rather than trying hard!

        I look forward to reading more of your work as well. I’m glad we are taking the course together.

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