Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

When I see the word ornate I think of the dolls I used to make as fundraisers for Amma’s humanitarian projects.  I wonder when, and if, I will start making them again!


Written for Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ornate

  1. awwwww…I think I may be in possession of one of your Kali dolls.  She came to me a couple of years ago thru a friend (Melody) who was at the Sai Baba ashram in Crestone CO.  A woman she didn’t know came up to her with a little beat-up doll (dirty, torn dress, some hair missing, etc) and said something to the effect:  “You’ll know what to do with this.” Puzzled but acquiescent, Melody brought it home to Iowa and when she stayed at my house a few months later, had the intuition to bring it with her.She repeated the instruction “You’ll know what to do with this – do you know what it is?”I just gawked and tears came to my eyes.  I had wanted one of these little Kali dolls for so long. . . .I snuggled her into my Amma doll’s arms and took her to the next Amma venue that year –  straight to Iswari and Sudamayi at the doll hospital.She was lovingly restored and returned with new hair, new clothes and unbroken jewelry.  She resides in a place of honor on my puja table. Wanted to share with you as the photos of your dolls brought up the memory of her “coming home” to me. LoveAditi


    1. Aditi….. It looks like you wrote two versions of your story and both were published. Which version did you mean to have as a comment? I don’t think you meant to have both of them here, did you?


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