Would You Be Interested?

I’m considering offering a weekly Challenges for Growth Prompt.

If there is interest, I would post a focus weekly.  For example:

  1. This week I focus on meeting my needs instead of my wants.
  2. This week I focus on finishing things I haven’t finished
  3. This week I focus on walking my talk.
  4. This week I focus on making time to play
  5. This week I do not gossip
  6. This week I remember that “trials and tribulations” help me grow.

People could participate in different ways.

  • Everyone can consider it a challenge for the week and make it as much a focus as they want to.
  • Some bloggers could write a post about their experiences during the week.
  • Other bloggers may choose instead to write a post about the topic rather than make it a week-long focus.
  • Bloggers and non-bloggers would be welcome to write about their experience in the comments section of my post.

Would you be interested in participating in this type of prompt?

If so, which of the areas I have listed would you suggest I start with?  Other suggestions are welcome!


24 thoughts on “Would You Be Interested?

  1. I believe this would be advantacious for me considering the pain and suffering I’m enduring. Trials and Tribulations make you grow. Well, at the present I can’t see how the severity of my suffering is going to allow me to EXCEPT relying and growing closer to God/Christ. But, I’m willing to trudge thru this.

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    1. Thanks for reading my post and letting me know that you are interested. I think it is often after the pain and suffering are over, or at least subsided, that we are able to see all the ways we’ve grown. But learning to rely on and grow closer to God/Christ is definitely a positive on it’s own.

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    1. I’m glad that you think it is a good idea. Know that if you decide to participate in some of them it would be fine for you address the topics through poetry if you like. Any style is fine. And thanks for the reblog!


  2. I like the idea and a week doesn’t seem all that doable to me. When i think ‘just for today’ then i experience a sense of openness and the prompts feel more accessible.


    1. It would be fine to do it for a day if that is what works for you. When I originally created the challenges they were for “Today.” I thought for blogging it would work better to have a longer focus, and of course there is change theory that says if you do something for 21 days you are most likely to create a long term behavior change. Any way you engage with the prompt would be fine with me! And I will think about it some more too. Thanks for letting me know your reaction.

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    1. Based on the feedback I’ve received, I’ve decided to word them so they are focusing on “today” rather than a whole week. As you say it could be done for several “todays”!

      Yes I plan to do it in a way that people can see the posts or comments written by everyone that participate I love that kind of prompt. And of course I learned it from you!

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  3. Useful prompts are always helpful, especially from friends and loved ones!

    I need help remembering to finish paperwork, do spiritual practice, especially meditation, every day and to move methodically through our house remodel with appropriate time tables and realistic

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