Letting Go…



This morning, a friend sent me this Zen Proverb. These behaviors are already values of mine but I know I will be working on all of them throughout my life. I think it is interesting that the one I do the least is the belly laugh.

Throughout the day, I reflected on how different our world would be if we all were able and willing to do these things.

1. Let go of comparing
2. Let go of competing
3. Let go of judgements
4. Let go of anger
5. Let go of regrets
6. Let go of worrying
7. Let go of blame
8. Let go of guilt
9. Let go of fear
10. Have a proper belly laugh at least once a day

14 thoughts on “Letting Go…

  1. Great list!! I may share it at work…I have a few I will be working all my life…that last one made me smile. I have been watching comedy show when I get home regardless how late it is…and I laugh out loud. And the list may be something nice to share at work…the top four are getting the workplace quite tense.

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      1. I was looking at Tournesol and read a lot of good poems but couldn’t figure out what you were referring to in this comment. I just reread your comment and saw it came from Tournesol. I will look at the other one!

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    1. Actually I’ve been wishing those would come back!!! I don’t remember shopping for it but I remember wearing it for years. So comfortable.


  2. AMMA will definitely have to Grace me with the belly laugh….the rest of the list is life long…

    well said in a few words…

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