Sooryagayathri- A Mesmerizing Child Singer

Last week a friend introduced me to a child singer, Sooryagayathri from Kerala, India and I have been listening to her sing almost every day since then. I think her voice is exquisite, even divine.

Her teacher, Kuldeep Pai from Chennai, is planning to release her songs only through Facebook and YouTube. He said:

I don’t wish to make any monetary profit from these video series, so they won’t be released as CDs. I just want people to appreciate Sooryagayathri’s talent, and want other children to get inspired by her. I am delighted at the responses I have been getting so far. Some of them see her as a prodigy and some, as goddess Saraswathi herself.

There are many videos in her series and every one I’ve heard has been beautiful. I’ve picked three to share with you. I believe she was nine when the first one was released and either nine or ten in the others. In Ganesha Pancharatnam she is singing along with her teacher; she sings alone in the other two. I hope you enjoy listening to her as much as I do.

23 thoughts on “Sooryagayathri- A Mesmerizing Child Singer

  1. This child is too good. I think she is a gifted child. Everyday at least once I hear her songs. God bless this lovely child and her teacher

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  2. I find this young singer so inspiring, pure and absolutely beautiful. I listen to her at every opportunity. Late at night she evokes an enriched calmness in me . In the morning she is like rays of Sunshine Thanks you for being her teacher and sharing this absolute gem with the world

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